LSU Football receives a 2nd Crystal Ball after the first weekend of summer recruiting

Texas v Houston
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The LSU Football team hosted a star-studded cast of recruits for the opening weekend of recruiting this summer. The five star recruits took center stage this weekend as Jaime Ffrench, Kaliq Lockett, DJ Pickett, Solomon Thomas, and Micah DeBose came to campus.

Under the radar however were some of the four star recruits as LSU hosted highly talented players in Damien Shanklin, Zion Williams, and Brandon Brown among the elite four-star talents on campus.

Nearly immediately after the conclusion of the weekend, the LSU Tigers were given a Crystal Ball prediction to land Damien Shanklin by On3's Steve Wiltfong. Shanklin is a four-star recruit ranked as the 85th best player in the country and the 12th ranked edge rusher. Landing Shanklin would be massive for LSU as thie recruiting class currently has no commitments from edge rushers.

The apparent success of the massive recruiting weekend seemingly hasn't stopped with Damien Shanklin however. On3's LSU insider Billy Embody placed an expert crystal ball prediction for the LSU football team landing Texas Commit Brandon Brown. Brown committed to LSU defensive line coach Bo Davis while Davis was coaching at Texas and the bond the two built is seemingly massive for LSU here. Brown is ranked as a four-star recruit as the 326th ranked player in the country and the 26th ranked defensive lineman.

LSU Football continues it's chase for the Top Recruiting Class

If the LSU Football team can land commitments from Shanklin and Brown, it will further bolster their push for the Nation's best recruiting class. The Tigers already have two five-star recruits anchoring the class with Bryce Underwood and Harlem Berry while positioning themselves for a few more massive commitments. All eyes will be on the wide receiver position after losing Dakorien Moore but, LSU will certainly land one of the Nation's best receivers given their pedigree of developing stars.

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