Three Questions that will keep LSU Football Coach Brian Kelly up at night

Nov 18, 2023; Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA; LSU Tigers head coach Brian Kelly before their matchup
Nov 18, 2023; Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA; LSU Tigers head coach Brian Kelly before their matchup / Matthew Dobbins-USA TODAY Sports
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Heading into the upcoming 2024 season, the LSU Football team has a really talented team and they're expected by many to be a contender in the SEC and a contender for the National Championship. As is expected with many teams, the LSU Football team has a few question marks heading into the year. The following are three questions with this LSU Football team that are probably keeping Brian Kelly up at night:

What does the running back room do production wise?

Offensively while losing Jayden Daniels will have a massive affect on the passing attack, the bigger loss is likely in the rushing attack. Daniels led the team in rushing with 1,134 yards and ten touchdowns averaging 8.4 yards per carry. The team hasn't just lost Daniels in their rushing attack but also, Logan Diggs who rushed for 653 yards, Noah Cain who rushed for 181 yards, and John Emery Jr who rushed for 121 yards with the trio combining for 11 touchdowns.

The LSU Tigers now turn the offense over to Garrett Nussmeier who's more of a pocket passer than Jayden Daniels. The rushing attack will now be led by Josh Williams who rushed for 284 yards and five touchdowns last season. Taking a big step alongside Williams will be Sophomore Kaleb Jackson who rushed for 165 yards in 2023. The third piece of this running back room will be true freshman Caden Durham.

The team hoped to have Trey Holly in the running back room but, given his current legal situation it seems that LSU won't have Holly in 2024.

After losing so much production, it'll be difficult for the LSU offense to reach the same heights rushing on the ground. The potential loss of Trey Holly makes it even more difficult as the running back room only has three players heading into the season.

If you're looking for a reason to believe in this rushing attack there are five players to point to and it's the Nation's top offensive line.

If you're Brian Kelly, the running back room and the rushing attack have to keep you up at night heading into the season. Having only three backs is a massive concern as one injury could be devastating for the room as a whole. The group also doesn't return any proven players heading into the season making the production you get truly a coin toss. The group doesn't have Jayden Daniels to fall back on meaning that this group has to lead the team on the ground.