SEC football: Top 5 head coaches

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With the college football just around the corner, it is time to get ready for the season. What better way than to rank the best coaches in the best conference in the land?

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College football coaches are essentially the general manger, play-caller and scout all mixed into one hectic job.

Some can do all three, while others just two or less of the aforementioned jobs. This list is loaded with talented coaches, and the top 5 coaches in the SEC all reside among the top 20 in all of college football.

Does play-calling ability matter? Yes.
Does recruiting matter? Yes.
Does player development matter? Yes.

If all that mattered was calling plays, there would be dozens of great college coaches. That is a vital part to being an elite head coach, but to be great it takes more than just that, and what better way to analyze coaching greatness than by looking at the best football conference in the NCAA. SEC football features the best of the best, both on the field and on the sidelines.

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Only the best teams led by the best coaches make it to the National Championship, and besides the previous two national champions, an SEC Championship has basically been a prerequisite to being the best team in the land for the past decade.

Winning in the SEC holds so much more weight than it does in most other conferences, with a constant array of  intense battles, both on the field and on the recruiting scene.

Here is a look at the five best coaches in the SEC today:

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