SEC football: Top 5 head coaches

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Dec 6, 2014; Atlanta, GA, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban and quarterback Blake Sims (6) during the second quarter of the 2014 SEC Championship Game against the Missouri Tigers at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

1. Nick Saban, University of Alabama

Record: 177-59-1 (86-17 at University of Alabama)
Bowl Record: 8-8 (4 National Championships)
Championships and Awards: National Championships `03,`09,`11,`12, SEC Championships `01,`03,`09,`12,`14, SEC Eastern Division Championships `01,`02,`03,`08,`09,`12,`13,`14, Coach of the year `03,`09, SEC Coach of the year `03,`08,`09

The best coach in the SEC, and arguably all of college football is Nick Saban. The only reason the word arguably is in that sentence, is you can make a case for Urban Meyer as the best coach in college football.

Saban is regarded as one of the best recruiters that college football has ever seen. He somehow manages to get 5-star players to commit to being a back up for years, in hopes that the one year they start he will make them a first round pick. This actually happens quite often, as no team has had more players drafted in the first round over the past few years than Alabama. From 2009-2014, 15 Alabama players were drafted in the first round.

Nick Saban seems to always out coach, out recruit and out develop every other team and coach in the SEC and the college football ranks. Their defense seems impenetrable, the offense is flawless and the fact that one team can spit out such wide receivers as Amari Cooper and Julio Jones back-to-back is amazing.

It is really impressive when you consider that Alabama has not had a legit first round talent at quarterback since way before Nick Saban showed up. Somehow he manages to win every year with out an NFL prototype quarterback, because he understands and teaches fundamentals. Hold onto the ball, run the ball and play defense.

Not often does he make a bad call, but when he does it ruins his game. Does anyone else remember the terrible decision to try a field goal that was returned on them for a touchdown?  He has hardly any other faults, though.

Since 2008 Alabama has only lost 11 games. There was also a recent stretch in which they won four straight Bowl games, with three of them being National Championship games. Since 2008 Alabama has had more players drafted in the 1st round than games they have lost.

I think it is safe to say that Nick Saban is doing something right.

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